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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Mar 17, 2021

For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by Apex ₿ (@malandrox7), a no-bullshit and passionate Bitcoin pleb.

I’ve been meming, shitposting, and talking Bitcoin with Apex on Twitter for well over a year now, and really happy he decided to come on the show. We’ve talked on Clubhouse before this podcast and he’s a cool dude who’s  What also caught my eyes was his interest and tweets about day game, which I don’t know of anyone else on Bitcoin Twitter who tweets about it.


We started off this interview with Apex sharing his rabbit hole story and how he found Bitcoin. Apex found Bitcoin in 2016 at around the very start of that big run-up in price to ~$20,000. A lot has changed since that last bull run with infrastructure being built, new types of buyers in the market, and more. We riffed on why we think this bull market is different and what could happen in the next coming year.

Apex explains how he saw the hyperinflation happening in front of his eyes while he lived in Venezuela, and realized the importance of Bitcoin quickly. He talks about seeing the prices of cigarettes rise and noticed something was wrong. Today in the United States, we are starting to see prices of goods and services rise because of all the money printing we’ve done this past year. All fiat currencies eventually face the same fate of hyperinflation and wealth evaporation, and seeing these warning signs all around us should be the green light to buy some bitcoin. 

Later on, Apex explains how Bitcoin helps you stop over-consuming, and he uses himself as a good example. He shares he loves sunglasses and in the past has needlessly dropped some money buying more pairs, but Bitcoin has changed his time preference and incentives, and now he uses that money to buy more bitcoin! I add on how the FUD of “since Bitcoin is deflationary, people will stop buying things and the economy will fail”. To which I disagree with that because people today are way overconsuming, to the point where they just go further and further into debt. Bitcoin fixes this by cutting out the needless spending. This cut back on spending allows for people to save their money and build wealth, while still spending their money on better goods and services they want.

We end off the podcast talking about all the new brilliant minds coming into the space, and how they raise the level of quality of Bitcoin education. Every year we have smarter and smarter people entering Bitcoin and giving their valuable insights, opinions, and research. Apex is bullish on future Bitcoiners! He also thinks that Bitcoin is the perfect tool to advance humanity forward, and I couldn’t agree more. Why does he think that? You’ll have to listen to the show to find out!