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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Dec 28, 2020

I’ve been interacting with Ben on Bitcoin Twitter for the past couple of years and is someone who I’ve even met in person via a conference. Ben has been contributing a lot to helping develop Bitcoin by working on Bitcoin Core, Wasabi Wallet, and now is a developer at Suredbits.

In this podcast, we discuss how Ben got into Bitcoin and fell down the rabbit hole, after hearing about it a few times early on in Bitcoins past. We discuss what he was involved in before Bitcoin and the kind of work he did, and how that helped him transition into developing in this space. We then dove into what he’s working on currently at Suredbits.

Ben walks us through his past and what his beliefs on life were before Bitcoin, and just how much they’ve changed. We discuss the problems that are in society today and why we have the problems we have today. The two came to the conclusion that the Federal Reserve and fiat money is at the core of all our problems today, and Bitcoin fixes this.

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If there are any Taco Plebs you’d like to see on this show, make sure to drop their names and Twitter handles in the comments section below or tweet your feedback to @nikcantmine!