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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Mar 10, 2021

For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by Labra (@labrahodl6), one of the star memers of Bitcoin Twitter.

Labra and I kick off this conversation by Labra sharing his rabbit hole story and how he came to Bitcoin. He tells us that Bitcoin first popped up on his radar all the way back in 2012. He didn’t dive too deep into it then and get involved, unfortunately, but not too long later he heard about it again when PayPal was blocking bitcoin payments. This caught his attention even more and then he dove headfirst into bitcoin in 2017 during the last bull run. And the rest is history!

Over the course of this interview, Labra shares that adopting a lower time preference has changed his life and allowed him to save more. We talked a bit about responsibility and work experience. Many kids and teenagers today (here in the US) do not work anymore. Working summer/winter jobs and doing work like mowing grass and raking leaves are opportunities wasted by so many today. They are not learning the responsibility having a job takes and then the responsibility of the money that comes with it. 

Some of Labra’s favorite things about Bitcoin is the ability to self custody your wealth and the opportunity to store your monetary energy into a capped supply of 21 million. Your wealth does not get inflated away with bitcoin and that allows you to actually save your wealth. It’s impossible to save in fiat, so this is life-changing. And also, he’s extremely bullish on the Bitcoin Zoomers!