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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Mar 3, 2021

In this podcast, Bap shares his rabbit hole story and his journey coming to Bitcoin after hearing about it a couple of times. He in particular has an interesting background in traditional finance and after working there as a Bitcoiner for a while, he just couldn’t do it anymore. He needed to break free from the constraints of his old job and pursue his interest in Bitcoin, and he has done just that.

Bap explains that growing up he had always been a pretty frugal dude, saving whatever he could. He even shared an interesting story about receiving bars of silver as a graduation gift for college! Later on we discuss the unique saving strategies of Bitcoiners who put most of their income straight into BTC. I talk about how you can allocate 50-60% of your paycheck and Bitcoiners will say “what is that? An allocation for ants?”. It’s funny to think that anyone outside the Bitcoin space would think you’re crazy for saving that much but, Bitcoiners know there is only 21 million bitcoin and everyone in the world is competing against each other for them. We have to stack as much as we can.

Bap explains that a beautiful thing about Bitcoin is that there are rules without rulers. The network is run on consensus, leaving no room or anyone to control it. I touch on the importance of how strong the network is against bad actors who have tried to control the space in the past couple of years. Many of tried to control it, all have failed. There are many great leaders in the Bitcoin space but as Bitcoiners have shown, if they try anything malicious, then Bitcoiners would (and have before) wage war on them.