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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Feb 3, 2021

For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by fellow pleb Indian Hodl (@Indian_hodl) for his first-ever podcast appearance.

This touching discussion started off with his rabbit hole story, hearing about bitcoin from an event in the U.K. Hospitals in the U.K. were getting attacked and the attackers were demanding to get paid in bitcoin as ransom. He explained how he got a lot of hate from his friends on BTC, but that now, he’s the one laughing.

We talked about how money is a belief system, and why he hates holding fiat currency. He said he sleeps better at night knowing that his money is safe and sound in an incorruptible currency. I agreed and that related to a saying I’ve been meming for a while now: “bitcoin zen.” That’s when you understand the current monetary system versus Bitcoin’s and you just feel at ease knowing you own money that is not being debased.

Then we got into how people are not using bitcoin as an investment, but why they need it to survive. Americans who don’t get out of the country much don’t realize that people in developing countries need bitcoin to protect themselves from governments suppressing them and stealing their wealth. We ended the podcast by discussing what he would love to work on in Bitcoin when given the chance, and how he wants to help develop and further the Lightning Network in some way!