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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Feb 11, 2022

Bitcoiner Brian Harrington talked about how you can limit your exposure to fiat, bring Bitcoin into your community and plan for the future.

Hyperbitcoinization is happening in real time. For fiat, the end is nigh. And no one explains this better than Brian Harrington. For him, Bitcoin is a lifestyle. Every day, the actions he takes center around furthering Bitcoin. Brian and I discussed many interesting topics in this episode of Meet The Plebs, but none are as fascinating to him as the “get on zero” movement. Described as maximally limiting your exposure to fiat usage and holdings, Brian talked about how this movement is a part of making hyperbitcoinization the reality of today. We also discussed planning for the future, stress and many other interesting topics. Be sure to check out the written interview below, and the podcast as well.