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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Mar 31, 2021

For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by Surfer Jim (@surferjimw), a principled and hardworking pleb.

We start off this conversation by Jim sharing how he found Bitcoin and fell down the rabbit hole. He talks about his childhood and how he was always an entrepreneur & builder. He liked to break things down, see how it operated, and build it back together. Hands-on work like this teaches you a lot about how and why things work and are the way they are. He also talks about how he used to earn money as a kid digging for clams. This was an easy way to make a quick buck, though some days weren’t as good as others. This then lead Jim to a new opportunity.

One of Jim’s buddies offered him a job in a different field of work, and he jumped on the opportunity. He then worked 5-6 years as a salesman, but after listening to a motivational speech he knew he wanted to go a different type of work. Construction, because he knew he made great quality stuff that he could sell and build trust with his customers. This is where Bitcoin comes in, because Bitcoin helps build trust between him and his customers.

After his rabbit hole story, we talk about how schools don’t teach kids about money and why that’s bad. Learning about money today is a totally different separate process you have to partake in away from school because school has a clear incentive not to teach you about it. I think many kids make poor financial decisions in their early life that negatively affects them in the near and far future. Studying Bitcoin fixes this. 

After studying Bitcoin and getting a firm grasp on it, Jim is excited about his future. He understands the freedom it gives him to enjoy the rest of his life, allowing him to do whatever he pleases. He is more stoked on Bitcoin and life than you!