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Meet the Bitcoin Taco Plebs - Bitcoin Magazine

Aug 9, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s  “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I sat down with Satoshi Sarah, a new addition to the Bitcoin Magazine team.

Sarah is extremely passionate about bitcoin education, which is what she will be working on at the magazine. She believes in the freedom and sovereignty offered by bitcoin, and is fascinated by the diversity in the community.

Like me, Sarah is a zoomer, and sees life through a lens only offered by the experiences zoomers have collectively gone through. With events like the 2008 stock market crash and the 2020 coronavirus being focal points in our (relatively) short lives, the necessity for sound money has become apparent.

For Sarah, the best way to bring about hyperbitcoinization and all that entails is through education. But in order to have an infrastructure to educate people on, she believes that layered protocols built on top of Bitcoin are the key to mainstream adoption. She envisions a Bitcoin industry that utilizes these layers in order to overcome the all too often expressed FUD in regards to scalability.

I entirely agree with her, and I personally see Lightning as a main example of this.